Q Revo


Experience the simple pleasure of a smart cleaning, with Q Revo. With its powerful features and worry-free technology, the Q Revo makes maintenance, cleaning, navigation, and operation a simple thing.


Q Revo  

It’s the simple things.

Dual Spinning Mops 

Watch Stains Disappear Completely

Dual mops spin while pressing down, effortlessly removing stains and leaving you with a spotless floor every time.

200 RPM

Spinning Speed

Auto Mop Lifting

Mop and Vacuum in One Run

Mops automatically lift when vacuuming carpets and returning to the dock so that floors and carpets are cleaned in one go, and no dirty streaks are left behind.


5,500Pa Extreme Suction

Keep the Mess Away

With extreme suction of 5,500 Pa dust and dirt are easily captured from different floor types for an improved home cleanup.

All-Rubber Brush

Clean Fast Without Tangles

Say goodbye to tangled hair and hello to effective cleaning with the all-rubber brush, adapting to uneven ground for maximum cleaning efficiency.