S7 Pro Ultra


Vacuum more. Mop More. While emptying less, cleaning less, and doing less. The Roborock S7 Pro Ultra combines the S7 Pro robot and the acclaimed Roborock Empty Wash Fill Dock to unleash another level of floor cleaning automation.

S7 Pro Ultra

Vacuum. Mop. Wash. Automagically


More Suction? Done and Dusted

The suction power has been cranked up. All the way up. From a maximum of 2500 Pa on the Roborock S7 all the way to 5100 Pa on the S7 Pro Ultra. That’s more than double the power. Fire up the Max+ mode, and all that power is yours.

Upgraded Floating Brush

A durable all-rubber brush effectively resists hair tangles. It stays closer to even uneven floors through its multi-plane floating mechanism.

VibraRise Mopping System

Ready to Rise Up

Got carpets? Like freshly mopped floors? Perfect. Intelligent mop lifting means when a carpet is detected, the mop is lifted out the way8. Now you can get mopped floors and vacuumed carpets in one single clean9. No setting No-Mop-Zones. No swapping parts. No hassle. Just pure convenience.

Mop with the Power of            Sound5

3,000 times/min.                       30%more effective. 

Experience robot mopping like never before, with VibraRise sonic vibration technology that scrubs your floors not hundreds, but thousands of times per minute. 3,000 times per minute to be exact. Combined with consistently high pressure, the VibraRise  system removes dried stains 30% more effectivelythan traditional robot mops and leaves less dirt behind than spinning mops.                                                            

Mop or Vacuum. No Hands Needed

When you want to mop, you don’t want to have to find and attach a mop cloth. Let alone the hassle of swapping your robot’s side brushes for mops. With VibraRise, you don’t have to. With a tap on your phone, you can switch from vacuuming to mopping and back as often as you like.

Keep Clean Areas Clean

If you’ve got beautifully cleaned living room floors but your kitchen needs to be mopped, do you want that kitchen dirt dragged across your living room? No. Using VibraRise, you can mop your kitchen and only your kitchen. Afterward, the robot will lift the mop and cruise back to its dock, leaving floors spotless.

Tailored Room Cleaning

Customize cleaning to match the needs of each room, and S7 Pro Ultra will automatically adapt as it cleans, from high scrubbing intensity and maximum suction in the kitchen to quiet mode and no mopping outside the nursery and everything in between.

One-Tap Routines

Do you cook a lot? Find yourself always turning up the suction and sending the robot to the kitchen? Do your pets randomly knock food out of their bowls? Set a Routine for these frequent but ad-hoc tasks then trigger the cleanup with a tap. You can also add schedules to any routine you set.

Voice Control

Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri Shortcuts support lets you command your robot with the power of your voice.